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How to "Friend" - May 1, 2024

Updated: Apr 27

"The desire for meaningful friendship is a beautiful and very human want. We were made for relationship and both the desire for and friendship itself, are gifts from God.

"Many of us often feel alone; or, lost in a sea of acquaintances, we feel like we don't have any 'real' friends. We find ourselves focusing more on 'fitting in' than belonging; of allowing ourselves to be known by different 'versions' of ourselves, rather than who we actually are.

"How are we to overcome this? We live in a time in which social media shapes our culture and our thinking so much. We click 'add friend' to add 'friends.' Yet, we find little fulfillment in this.

  • "How are we to actually 'Add Friend' in real life?

  • How do we 'friend?'

  • Why is it more important to 'belong" in a friendship, than to simply 'fit in?'

  • What can we learn from Jesus about what true friendship looks like?

  • How can we follow his example?

"These are some of the questions we set out to answer as we reflect on Scripture, our own experiences, and of course, (and in a very much deep and personal way) our own friendship," said Fred.

Tune in Wednesday, May 1, 2024, at 4 p.m. for Draw Near on Siouxland Catholic Radio 88.1 FM.

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