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expanded ways to give
OUR TAX ID#:  42-1516853 (download below details here)


“Throughout my priesthood, I have had people enter the Catholic Church or tell me about something they heard on Catholic Radio. All a person has to do is listen and potentially have their lives transformed by Christ.” Fr. Mark Beran, St. Augustine Indian Mission, Winnebago, Nebraska.

Stop by (directions here)

or call Siouxland Catholic Radio during business hours to make your tax-deductible donation.


You can also mail your gift to the address below:

St. Gabriel Communications, Ltd.

701 W 5th St.

Sioux City, IA 51103


Stock or Appreciated Assets

You can avoid tax on gains from the sale of the appreciated stock, bonds, and/or mutual funds for federal or state income tax purposes by making a gift to Siouxland Catholic Radio.

Benefits to you:

·  Usually, a cash gift and a gift of stocks or mutual funds generates the same income tax charitable deduction.

·  An added benefit: avoid all capital gains tax on any increase in the value since you bought the stock.

Life Insurance

You can list Siouxland Catholic Radio as a full or partial beneficiary of a life  insurance policy. If you give the ownership of the entire policy to the Siouxland Catholic Radio, you may get a deduction for the cash value and be able to deduct future premium payments.  

Benefits to you:

·  Reduce the size of your estate by gifting a policy that is no longer needed.

·  Receive a tax deduction on future annual premiums if donating an entire policy.


Farmers donate bushels of grain to St. Gabriel Communications/ Siouxland Catholic Radio by completing the “Transfer of Ownership” form and the below procedures. 

Call (712) 224-5342

or click on the grain donations form, procedures, and marketing materials below.

When you remember Siouxland Catholic Radio with a gift from your estate, you Leave a Message you want to bring more souls to Christ!  

It is simple!  

1. Donate 1% of your assets; 

2. Gift a specific dollar amount or asset; ​

3. Make a beneficiary designation of certain assets; or

4. Confer a donation from the balance or residue of your estate. 

Your investment:
• Reflects your values; 
• Reaffirms your faith;
• Provides programs filled with God's truth in our world;

• Transforms lives; and

• May provide financial benefits to you and/or your heirs.

Consult your professional advisor first!  

Then contact Siouxland Catholic Radio at (712) 224-5342.

Siouxland Catholic Radio/St. Gabriel Communications is proud to be a partner of Leave a Message Siouxland.


Click here to learn more about Leave a Message Siouxland.

It's easier than Scrip!

SHOP – Shop at participating local businesses.  It's a great way to say thanks to our underwriters!

SNAP – Snap a pic of your receipts with the TAGG app!

EARN – The business will donate a percentage (average is 5%) to Siouxland Catholic Radio!  

An IRA QCD allows people 70.5 years or older to reduce their taxable income by making a gift directly from their IRA to Siouxland

Catholic Radio. Contact the IRA’s custodian to make a direct transfer to Siouxland Catholic Radio.

Benefits to you:

·  Avoid taxes on transfers up to $100,000 made         

   directly from your IRA.

·  Satisfy your yearly Required Minimum Distribution 


·  Reduce your taxable income.


Deacon Dan Goebel joined Joanne Fox at the Plymouth County Fair.

Siouxland Catholic Radio Needs
Your Time and Talent, Too!

There are other ways besides money for you to support Siouxland Catholic Radio.


Whether it's helping at the fair, pledge drive, art festival, other special events, or simply spreading the word about Siouxland Catholic Radio — there are plenty of ways you can share your time and talents!

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