Siouxland Catholic Radio is proud to provide quality Catholic programming to our listeners.


We offer a mix of expanded local and national programs from voices you know and trust — news, prayer, devotionals, local Catholic high school activities, and more.

here to serve you

your staff

Ann Colt Professional Image
Program Director


Ann is the executive assistant and program director for Siouxland Catholic Radio.

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Lisa Niebuhr.jpg
listener relations director

Lisa niebuhr

Lisa works with you to grow awareness of Siouxland Catholic Radio's mission. 

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kathy pynn

Kathy, with Pynn & Associates, L.L.C., serves as Siouxland Catholic Radio's accountant. 

Al Metz.jpg
sales agent

al metz

Al collaborates with local businesses on various underwriting opportunities. 

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Joe Lillie.jpg

joe lillie

Rev. Kevin Richter recruited Joe because of his expert carpentry and boiler skills.  Joe serves the Cathedral of the Epiphany Parish and St. Gabriel Communications.


manuel becerra

Manuel is meticulous about the grounds and landscaping at the Cathedral of the Epiphany Cluster Parish and St. Gabriel Communications.

your Board of Directors

board president

john fitzsimmons

The teachings and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church are put forth by faithful, faith-filled volunteers and staff here at Siouxland Catholic Radio. 


As the Board President, I can attest how my faith has grown since listening and serving here. 

board vice president

joanne Fox

Siouxland Catholic Radio is here to serve you with our expanded local programs.  Tune in to:

* Faith in Action

* Draw Near

* Outcast Catholic

* Divine Mercy Chaplet

* Scriptural Rosary

* Weather

board treasurer

dr. paul wolpert

The power of radio comes from its ability to pique people's interest concerning its programming.  Listeners hear a message and become curious.  They want to listen more or investigate those messages. 


That's the power of Catholic Radio, our ability to change hearts!

executive secretary

molly sokolowski

Siouxland Catholic Radio is a Catholic apostolate which supports the strengthening of marriage, increases the sacramental practice, vocations, dignity of the human person, and the goals of our local dioceses.

Stop by our studios to see our "faith in action."

board member

anne o'mara

Remember the computer warning – garbage in, garbage out. 


Just reverse happens when we take authority or use our God given authority over our own choices.


Siouxland Catholic Radio feeds our minds with the truth, beauty, and wisdom – all the cool stuff…attributes of God…  Good in!  Good out!

John OMara.jpg
board member

john o'mara

Catholic Radio empowers listeners to be more engaged and inspired by their faith. Our programming provides solid information about the Church, so the faithful can evangelize their beliefs when questioned by others, better appreciate the celebration of Mass, and enter into a stronger relations with God.  This is what I have gained by being a listener to Siouxland Catholic Radio. 

Ted Karpuk.jpg
board member

ted karpuk

Catholic Radio is proven to be one of the most effective means of evangelization.  Why?


92% of American adults, including Millennials and Gen Xers, listen every week, according to the 2017 Nielsen study. 

Catholic Radio IS spreading the Gospel message to the margins, reaching souls for Christ. 

board member

betty pratt

Radio has the perfect access to reach a diverse group of people of many different religions, ages, and walks of life.  We never know when the Holy Spirit prompts someone to press the scan button on their radio, only to discover a message drawing them closer to God.  

I encourage you to keep your dial set at 88.1 FM.

board member

patrick demers

Siouxland Catholic Radio's programming spreads, defends, and promotes the truths illustrated in Sacred Scripture.  

Radio can, simply by its very nature, reach and influence individuals and all of society.  

Please keep Siouxland Catholic Radio in your prayers.

board member

dr. john wolpert

Catholic Radio empowers listeners to be more engaged and inspired by their faith. Our programming provides solid information about the Catholic Church, so the faithful can evangelize their beliefs when question by others, better appreciate the celebration of Mass, and enter into a stronger relations with God.  

Michael Brauer.jpg
board member

michael brauer

You can run.  You cannot hide from Siouxland Catholic Radio.  You can find us 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


You can listen in your car or in your home. You can listen via a regular radio, on the internet, or on the TuneIn app on your mobile device.  Catholic Radio is relentless in spreading the Good News of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  

Join me and be a strong support of Channel 88.1 FM today!

board member

sid shoemaker

I used to travel a lot and always loved tuning into Catholic Radio.

Listening to Catholic Radio, I have learned so much about my faith and why we Catholics believe what we believe.

I try to promote 88.1 FM every chance I get to help people learn the truth about this church that Jesus started.

I truly believe if you change your station to Siouxland Catholic Radio, it will change your life.  It has improved my life.  This is why I will always support FM 88.1!

Dave Ferris photo from Joanne.jpg
board member

dave ferris

Siouxland Catholic Radio provides me peace, hope, and knowledge.  In a world filled and fueled with negativity and conflict, 88.1 FM imparts God's words in programs filled with His truth. 


Siouxland Catholic Radio empowers me with the ability to understand, utilize, and implement His word in my daily life!

board member

julie keane

Why Catholic Radio?  Catholic respondents in the 2017 Nielsen study also stated:

* 94% more spiritually engaged and inspired

* 47% increased Mass attendance

* 51% are more involved in parish life

We cannot say it enough.  Catholic Radio IS spreading the Gospel message, reaching souls for Christ!


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Bob Geary

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Travis morgan

Football play-by-play
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Tom betz

Color commentary
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jay wright

color commentary
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evan knowlton

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jay kirkpatrick