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Eucharistic Miracles of the World

Siouxland Catholic Radio is proud to provide the powerful Eucharistic Miracles of the World Exhibit thanks to the generosity of the Garrigan Knights of Columbus Assembly #265 and their supporting Councils.



About the Exhibit

This Vatican-approved international exhibit was designed and created by Blessed Carlo Acutis, Servant of God. Blessed Carlo, an artist, cartoonist, and avid computer enthusiast created the art for the panels before his death from leukemia at age 15. His goal during his short life was to help bring others closer to Jesus through awareness of the mystery of the Eucharist. Blessed Carlo received the sacrament of the Eucharist daily and desired to share the joy of Christ’s presence with the world through his God-given talents. The exhibit is presented in the United States by the Real Presence Eucharistic Education and Adoration Society.


The exhibit features sixty (60) 2’x5’ detailed vinyl panels highlighting some of the most powerful Eucharistic Miracles of the World. Each panel tells the story of a Eucharistic miracle and is accompanied by photos and artwork. The panels were selected from 152 recognized accounts that date from as early as the third century. All the miracles displayed in this exhibition have been recognized by their local bishops. The exhibit’s purpose is to increase awareness of the Real Presence of our Lord in the Eucharist and promote Eucharistic adoration. 

How can you learn more and/or reserve the exhibit?  Contact Ann Reed or Lisa Niebuhr via email or call 712-224-5342.  Click on this text to download the Eucharistic Miracles of the World Guide.

Is there a fee to borrow the banners?  No. Your tax-deductible donation is appreciated to maintain and for future enhancement's of the exhibit. 

What is a Eucharistic Miracle?

Eucharistic miracles consist of unexplainable phenomena occurring after transubstantiation, such as a host visibly transforming into human tissue, a host surviving fire, a host bleeding, or the Eucharist alone providing sustenance to a human being for a prolonged period of time. In order to be considered a Eucharistic miracle, the event is investigated by a special task force before deciding whether it is worthy of belief. Secular sources are often used to investigate and confirm the miracle. Belief in approved miracles is not mandated by the Catholic Church but can reassure believers of God’s presence in our world.  

Eucharistic Miracles Included in the Exhibit

The following is a list and copy of the Eucharistic Miracles of the World panels in Siouxland Catholic Radio’s traveling exhibit. Your parish and/or organization can select, like these Knights of Columbus Councils, which banners you would like to use for your event/exhibit.

Click on this text for a 

  1. Lancino, Italy I – 750 A. D.

  2. Lancino, Italy II – 750 A. D.

  3. Scete, Egypt –5th Century

  4. Saint Peter Damian Scala, Italy – 11th Century

  5. Ferrara, Italy – 1171

  6. Augsburg, Germany - 1194

  7. St. Thomas Aquinas – 1224-1274

  8. Alatri, Italy – 1228

  9. Florence, Italy – 1230-1595

  10. St. Clare of Assisi, Italy - 1240

  11. Caravaca de la Cruz, Spain – 1231

  12. Santarém, Portugal I – 1247

  13. Santarém, Portugal II – 1247

  14. St. John of the Abbesses, Spain - 1251

  15. Bolsena, Italy I – 1264

  16. Bolsena, Italy II – 1264

  17. Kranenburg, Germany - 1280

  18. Paris I, France – 1290

  19. Glotowo, Poland - 1290

  20. Walldurn, Germany - 1330

  21. Cascia, Italy – 1330

  22. Poznan, Poland - 1399

  23. Dijon, France – 1430

  24. Volterra, Italy – 1472

  25. Guadalupe, Mexico, Juan Diego - 1531

  26. Marseille-en-Beauvais, France - 1533

  27. Veroli, Italy - 1570

  28. Alcala, Spain – 1597

  29. Faverney, France – 1608

  30. Dronero, Italy - 1631

  31. Turin, Italy – 1640

  32. Pressac, France - 1643

  33. Montserrat, Spain – 1657

  34. Les Ulmes, France - 1668

  35. Siena, Italy - 1730

  36. Paris, France, Saint Catherine Labouré - 1830

  37. Lourdes, France, Saint Bernadette – 1888

  38. Morne-Rouge, Caribbean Island of Martinque - 1902

  39. Tumaco, Columbia – 1906

  40. Saint-André de la Réunion, Island of Réunion - 1902

  41. Fatima, Portugal - Angel of Peace I - 1916

  42. Fatima, Portugal - Angel of Peace II - 1916

  43. Fatima, Portugal - Angel of Peace III - 1916

  44. Betania, Venezuela - 1991

  45. Buenos Aires, Argentina I - 1992-1994-1996

  46. Buenos Aires, Argentina II - 1992-1994-1996

  47. Buenos Aires, Argentina III - 1993-1994-1996

  48. Chirattkonam, India - 2001

  49. Tixtla, Mexico I - 2006

  50. Tixtla, Mexico II - 2006

  51. Sokolka, Poland I - 2008

  52. Sokolka, Poland II - 2008

  53. Sokolka, Poland III - 2008

  54. Legnica, Poland I – 2013

  55. Legnica, Poland II – 2013

  56. Valencia, Spain 1 

  57. Valencia, Spain 2

  58. Forthcoming: Blessed  Carlo Acutis

  59. Forthcoming: Blessed Carlo Acutis

  60. Forthcoming: Blessed Carlo Acutis

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The Sacred Heart (Sioux City) Knights displayed three of the banners during a breakfast.
Youth from Onawa, Blencoe, and Salix viewed the Eucharistic Miracles of the World Exhibit after Mass.

Youth from Onawa, Blencoe, and Salix viewed the Eucharistic Miracles of the World Exhibit after Mass. 

Sacred Heart (Sioux City) Knights displayed three of the banners during a breakfast. 

A father taught his daughter at a young age about the Eucharistic Miracles during the Knights of Columbus #743 installation of officers.
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