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Hear the testimonials from this year's participating Catholic Schools and students. 

Friday, February 2, we will announce the three winners of the Sioux City Bandits tickets!

Education. Faith. Leadership. Three reasons... not two... why Maymie and Sir Brandon are proud to attend their respective Catholic schools.

Join Mac and the St. Michael's Catholic School students and faculty for their Catholic Schools Week Mass at 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday, January 30, and see their faith alive!

St. Michael's Catholic School - "United in Faith and Community!" Dennis and Michael explain.

Rahiwa and Jayde, and their classmates, love their Catholic schools because Holy Moments isn't a book that is read... it's a way of life!

Both Scarlett and Gaby agree, our Catholic schools provided an "Excellent Education!" Hear from the girls yourself!

"Listen up!" in the words of Joanne Fox. Our Catholic Schools are making a difference locally and nationally!

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