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St. Boniface
Brown Bag
Bible Study

John Ritto Penniman Christ Tempted by the Devil 1818 photo public domain.

Siouxland Catholic Radio invites you to join Anne O’Mara (pictured), Wednesday, March 29, from 12:45 - 2 p.m. for the St. Boniface Lenten Brown Bag Bible Study at Siouxland Catholic Radio, 701 West 5th Street, Sioux City, Iowa.


The focus is “Lead us Not into Temptation.”


Anne stated the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke tell Jesus was on a mission sent by His Father. Jesus was hungry. He was tempted by the devil to bypass the Father’s plan by accepting a kingdom and worshipping His adversary.


Join Anne for a deeper look into the temptations of Jesus and how we can apply His lessons by following our heavenly Father in our daily lives!  


Reserve your spot today by texting Anne O’Mara at 712-212-4390.

Photo: John Ritto Penniman's Christ Tempted by the Devil, 1818 (Public Domain).

Anne O'Mara prepares for Bible Study.
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