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Special 5 Part Series - Eucharist

This Advent, 88.1 FM is presenting a special 5-part series entitled "Communion."

Each Thursday during Advent, starting Dec. 2 from 3:30 - 4 p.m., Chaz Muth from Catholic News Agency and his guests take a deep dive into the Eucharist — described in Vatican II documents as the “source and summit” of the Christian life.

Catholic News Agency in a statement said, "The (podcast) focus ranges from the political firestorm surrounding the second Catholic president’s position on issues contrary to church teaching to theological history about the real presence of Christ in the consecrated host."

Siouxland Catholic Radio Board Member, Joanne Fox, stated, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) overwhelmingly accepted the document, "The Mystery of the Eucharist in the Life of the Church." The USCCB noted, "The two sections of the document are 'The Gift," which centers on the Eucharist as a gift from Christ through his incarnation, death, and resurrection. 'Our Response' focuses on gratitude for the gift of the Eucharist, the role the laity play in reception of the Eucharist and the importance of the Eucharist in conversion."

In conjunction with Advent, Joanne concluded, this program will assist our listeners during their reflection on the season and our belief in the Real Presence.

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