Prayer: Intimate Friendship with God - July 20

The spiritual IS the practical. Nothing in our spiritual lives (or lives in general) is more integral than a prayer life. This is where we grow in friendship with God!

Tune in now by clicking on this text or Wednesday, July 20 at 4 p.m. for Draw Near with Fred and Kara on Siouxland Catholic Radio, 88.1 FM. Fred and Kara will provide you with biblical examples and teachings, and tips for overcoming obstacles in prayer.

Questions for you to discern either on your own or with others.

  • Why is prayer important?

  • What impact, if any, does prayer have on your life?

  • What devotions, prayers, or times of prayer have had the most influence in your relationship with God?

  • What are some common obstacles to prayer? How can you overcome these obstacles?

  • In what ways is God calling you to grow deeper in the life of prayer?

  • How did Christ draw you closer to him through this episode?

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