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My Baptist Friends Led Me to the Priesthood - July 25, 2023

Fred and Kara are joined by Outcast Catholic podcast co-host, Fr. Travis Crotty. In this "testimony" episode, they root their discussion in one of the show's foundational questions: How has your encounter with Christ in the Eucharist changed your life? Of course, this is not merely a once-in-a-lifetime encounter, because the Lord is always seeking to encounter us and pour out his love into our hearts; and inviting us to go deeper in that same love.

This invitation, found in the Eucharist, celebrated at every Mass, is the very source of stability that helped Fr. Travis to overcome difficulty and suffering during his teenage years.

What was it then that made him take up the call to the priesthood? To dedicate his life to helping others to encounter Christ in the Eucharist? It all began with some Baptist friends challenging him for his Catholic faith. This pressure was actually a catalyst for conversion to a deeper faith rooted in, the Eucharist. So many can give in to the temptation to slip away from the Catholic faith when challenged. Fr. Travis provides a great example of how to respond in these situations.

How does one maintain a fervor and love for the Eucharist? How should understanding the reality of Christ being present in the Eucharist shape the way we live our lives and approach the world around us? Find out Tuesday, July 25 at 3:20 p.m. on Siouxland Catholic Radio 88.1 FM!

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