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Less Strategy, More Interior Life with Eric Gallagher - February 6

If you work for the Catholic Church, want to avoid burnout, overcome team dysfunctions, and put more souls in the pews, Catholic Ministry Professionals is here to help.  

Tuesday, February 6 at 3:20 p.m. on Siouxland Catholic Radio, Jon and Thai share their conversation with Eric Gallagher. Listen on-demand (click here). Or, listen to the entire interview on Catholic Ministry Professional's YouTube Channel (click here).

Our thanks to Jon's alma mater, Briar Cliff University, for sponsoring Catholic Ministry Professionals!

Eric’s favorite ministry resources: 

  • Thresholds of conversion and discipleship roadmap from Sherry Weddell

  • Clear and Simple: How to have conversations that lead to conversion by Andr Regnier


  • Lay Apostolates--Find the good things that are already happening

  • Jim Beckman - Catholic Author/Speaker

  • Discipleship Focused Youth Ministry by Eric and Jim Beckman

Connect with Eric:

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