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Leading Children to Christ - July 19, 2023

The Church teaches parents are the primary evangelists and teachers of their children and goes so far as to refer to the family in the home as “the domestic church.” What does this mean? Practically, how do we live this out? The Church also places a great emphasis on the role adults play in helping children encounter the love of Christ. In many ways, the Christ children know, the love of God they experience, is that which we model for them.

Fred and Kara share some experiences from their families on how they share the love of Christ in their homes and strive to be witnesses and hand on the faith.

Whether single or unmarried, parents, aunts, uncles, or just someone who works with children, this discussion can benefit anyone who wants to help the little ones in their lives come to know the love of Christ.

Learn more Wednesday, July 19 at 4 p.m. on Siouxland Catholic Radio 88.1 FM.

**Some of the tips discussed: **

* Living as a witness: demonstrate the life of prayer and devotion and invite them into that experience.

* Be authentic: sometimes the life of faith can be challenging. Its okay to talk about that.

* Apologize and seek forgiveness when its needed. Demonstrate God’s mercy and the need to both extend and seek forgiveness.

* Use every moment as a teaching moment.

* Recognize the great faith children have. Allow God to teach you through them and draw near to the Lord.

* Give the reading of Scripture a pride of place in your home. This is how we come to know the Lord most profoundly, in Sacred Scripture.

* Help to form older children to become examples to, and in their own way, teachers of their younger sibling.

* Embrace the liturgical calendar and incorporate significant dates into the rhythm of family life.

* Create a sacred space in your home for prayer and devotion.

* Teach you kids how to pray! We recommend the ACTS method for children:

a. (A)doration

b. (C)ontrition

c. (T)hanksgiving

d. (S)upplication

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