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Jesus, Mary, and the Saints - October 25, 2023

As Fred and Kara round out the I Believe in Love study, they reflect on what Fr D'Elbee describes as the "five most beautiful jewels in the heart of Mary:" simplicity; abandonment; love of the cross; thirst for souls; and love. They consider which ones we may be in need of most. They also consider what is meant by, "Always go to Jesus through Mary, but not for fear of Jesus...." How might the Lord be inviting you to a deeper relationship with His Mother (and yours)?

In this study, Fr D'Elbee begins with affirmations like, "Do you believe that you are a joy for Jesus?" He ends with the declaration, "Your heart is heaven for Jesus." As you have journeyed along this "Road to Nazareth," this "Little Way" during this study, what do these words mean to you? How might these words affect your walk with Christ in the coming days, weeks, and months?

As Fr d'Elbee points out, Peter "...needed a lesson. So he got one... He received grace, he received mercy, he repented, he wept, and he was more filled with grace afterward than if he had not denied Christ."

In what ways is the Lord calling you to that most beautiful prayer, "Lord, make up for what I have done poorly. Redeem what was lost. Bring about a greater good than could have been done if I had never fallen?"

Remember, you are a joy for Jesus and your heart is heaven for Him! In trials and joys, victories and defeat; remember: "I believe in your love for me, and I believe in my love for you." Abide in him, and you WILL bear fruit.

Tune in Wednesday, October 25, at 4 p.m. to Siouxland Catholic Radio 88.1 FM.

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