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Great Desires, Humility, and Peace - September 20, 2023

Draw Near continues their I Believe in Love book study by diving into the 5th chapter! Fred and Kara discuss Wednesday, September 20 at 4 p.m. on Siouxland Catholic Radio 88.1 FM the desires of our hearts, how we are to follow and discern those desires, and how the Lord has given us gifts to build the kingdom.

Fred and Kara also discuss the author's phrase, "Nothing great ever comes about without great desires... If they are lacking, everything is dull and lifeless." They look at times we were driven to achieve a desire only to discover that it did not bring fulfillment or glory to God and the impact it had on us. They also discuss how the fearful question, "What are people going to think?" "What will So-and-so think if I do that?" can hinder our fulfillment of the desires the Lord has placed in our hearts. The right question: "What will Jesus think?"

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