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Coping with Feelings of Failure

Updated: Nov 11

No doubt we have all wrestled with discouragement. Thoughts of our own failures and shortcomings, whether real or only perceived, can often surround us like a heavy storm. We can feel like we have given it our all, but our efforts still seem to fall short of our expectations.

It can be difficult to hear the voice of the Lord, much less to see him in the midst of the storm. BUT even if he is asleep in the boat, he is always present in moments of failure... in the storms. And the best part is, he wants to use our shortcomings to bring about something beautiful!

You'll also hear:

  • What can we learn from Paul?

  • How can we see things through the lens of the Gospel and the love of Christ?

  • How do we cope and respond when we are tempted with discouragement, fear, and feelings of failure?

  • What does Fred mean by, "I am a sinner falling up on my way to sainthood"?

Tune in Wednesday, Nov. 17 at 4 p.m. to hear Kara and Fred's personal stories and how they cope during moments such as these.


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