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Come, Holy Spirit - July 26, 2023

Who is the Holy Spirit? Why is a relationship with Him so important? In Scripture, Christ promises the gift of the Holy Spirit, the love of God poured out into our hearts (Rom. 5:5). He is Comforter, Teacher, Counselor, and Guide. In Acts 15, when the Church is faced with a difficult decision, they seek Him in prayer, trusting in Christ’s promise that the Holy Spirit will lead and guide in all truth. There we hear the phrase, “It seemed good to us and the Holy Spirit.” How can we come to a place where we also can say this about our decisions and our daily lives? How can we learn to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit? How can we experience his promptings in our daily lives? What does this have to do with the love of God? How has God gifted you in the power and grace of the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth? Fred and Kara discuss all these things in this episode!

The “Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit” are mentioned in this episode. These are commonly emphasized in preparation for Confirmation. Fred and Kara love how the Baltimore Catechism describes these gifts:

"The gifts of the Holy Spirit enable us to catch the breath of the Holy Spirit, moving the ship of our soul much faster and farther than we could ever sail it by using the virtues ourselves. For example, we can use the virtue of faith by making an act of faith. But to use this virtue constantly, being aware of God's presence in us and about us at all times, is more than we can do ourselves unless the Holy Spirit does it in us. Likewise, we can make an act of love. But to love our enemies for God's sake and to be willing to die for them, we need the help of the Holy Spirit. THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, WHICH OUR SHIP CATCHES BY UNFOLDING THE SAILS OF THE GIFTS, ENABLES US TO DO EVEN THINGS THAT ARE HUMANLY IMPOSSIBLE. IT IS THE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN THE SOULS OF THE SAINTS THAT EXPLAIN THE SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE THINGS IN THEIR LIVES" (Fred and Kara's emphasis added).

Tune in Wednesday, July 26 at 4 p.m. for Draw Near with Fred and Kara on Siouxland Catholic Radio 88.1 FM.

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