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DR. Ray Guarendi'S

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Purchase your favorite Dr. Ray (Guarendi) book or CD today at Siouxland Catholic Radio. Each one was personally autographed by Dr. Ray Guarendi during Dinner With Dr. Ray on October 3.

​Books ($15 each):

  • Being a Grandparent

  • When Faith Causes Family Friction

  • Thinking Like Jesus

  • Winning the Discipline Debates

  • Living Calm

  • Jesus The Master Psychologist: Listen To Him

  • What Catholics Really Believe: Dispelling the Misunderstandings

       of Historic Christianity. Co-authored by Rev. Kevin Fete.

  • Back to the Family: Proven Advice on Building A Stronger, 

​      Healthier, Happier Family​

  • Advice Worth Ignoring: How Tuning Out The Experts Can Make

     You A Better Parent



  • Shorter CD ($5 each): Men, Women, & Marriage

  • Why Be Catholic?  ($10 each)

  • Advice Worth Ignoring: How Tuning Out The Experts Can Make You A Better Parent ($20 each)

  • What Catholics Really Believe ($20 each)

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