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Lauren Sobaski

Live Guest Artist
Sioux City Alum, Lauren Sobaski

Second Annual Juried Youth Art Festival

2019 Bishop Heelan graduate, Lauren Sobaski, returns to Sioux City as Siouxland Catholic Radio’s live guest artist for the Second Annual Juried Youth Art Festival on Thursday, April 13, from 1- 5 p.m. at the station, located at 701 West 5th Street, Sioux City. Lauren is a senior at the University of South Dakota (USD) and will graduate this spring with a Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.


Lauren, the daughter of Jim and Amy Sobaski, was surrounded by art. Her mother has taught art in the Bishop Heelan Catholic Schools for 19 years.


God has always been at the forefront of her life. Lauren has shared her God-given gift of art skills through  commissioned pieces making homemade cards with all of the proceeds benefitting the Children's Miracle Network, and donating her artwork to the 2021 (pictured below) and the upcoming 2023 Bishop Heelan Auction. 


Lauren has not forgotten the advice of 1971 Bishop Heelan graduate, Ron Clements, who spoke to her junior or senior art class. Clements’ warm and welcoming personality, passion for the arts and his various projects, philosophy on success and failures, and faith in God reinforced the beliefs she learned at home, Church, and school.


On April 13, Lauren will create a floral watercolor piece live at the station for the community to see. Looking at the white space, Lauren will use the white space and bright watercolors, as well as various blending techniques, to design the initial piece of abstract art. Then using small pens, Lauren will outline the flowers and berries to create the final piece of flowers. Lauren never knows what she will create. Lauren said, “I am truly driven by the Holy Spirit.”


She will also network and answer questions from the winners, their families, and teachers during the Second Annual Juried Youth Art Festival. Lauren stated, “I want the students to know they can express their love of art at every stage of their life. I am so honored to give back and asked to be Siouxland Catholic Radio’s second live artist.”


After graduating this spring from USD, Lauren will return to Siouxland to begin her career at Sterling Computers in North Sioux City, South Dakota in the Partner Business Manager Department.


Lauren had great internships with Sterling Computers over the past three years in the Sales Operations, Internal Warehouse, and Marketing Departments. She was excited by the offer to become a permanent member of the Sterling Computers Team.

"A New Day" watercolor painting created by Lauren Sobaski.
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